Hello beautiful people of the internet. In the overshare of a century, this weekend I ended a nearly year-long (at the risk of sounding like a dramatic 26 yo) relationship with my girlfriend.

That’s a little bit how the last year has felt for me. The constant feeling that you’re making progress in your life - only to get slapped in the face with a setback and realizing that you still know nothing. And the worst part might be that there are no right answers.

For anyone experiencing something similar (or… actually just anyone) I enjoyed this essay

I mention all this, to tell you where I’m coming from. Writing this post while listening to the song above is the closest thing to Therapy at 9 pm on a Sunday.

A huge part of these failures is what pushes many people to prioritize relationships as they grow older. To quote Jordan Peterson, “Life is suffering”

Doesn’t matter who you are, your life will have periods of time that feel like suffering.

Logically, I know the emotions I’m feeling right now will fade with time - but in the interim, it’s the people in my life that got me through this weekend.

I started this year in Tahoe, skiing down our local backcountry hill under a full moon.

While it was the only time I made it out for a moonlit ski, we did wake up for a lot of sunrises.

I truly feel so thankful for my time in Tahoe this winter, and I hope that my life unfolds in such a way where I can live in a similar setting for a longer period of time.

And take full advantage we did. Even with blowing out my ankle at the end of March, I probably skied close to 50 days this year.

Most notably, we skied cross couloir, halls of the gods, Mt Lassen, and bloody couloir. Many of these are lines I never would have dreamed of skiing before this year. Notably, we did push it a bit far at times. Bloody couloir is the scariest skiing I hope I ever experience. I’m looking forward to dialing back a bit this year. I do have my eye on a few more of the 50 classics for this year. Likely Terminal Cancer, and some of the PNW volcanoes 🙏

^ cross couloir w Sam and Jeremy

^Halls of gods after the last big storm of the year (best day of skiing of the year - easy)

Mt Lassen! Love that place….

^top of bloody couloir. Did I mention the snow is even worse than it looks?

And as we wound down our time in Tahoe, it seemed the world was on its way back to normal. We got vaccinated, started going to bars, and prepared for a summer of travel.

I returned back to New Hampshire for 2 weeks, where we managed to squeeze in:

  • Ocean

  • White Mountains

  • Boston

  • Portsmouth

  • Biking to Lils

  • and a lot of good family time

People commented on every zoom call about how nice my parents’ backyard looked. It turns out that from the perspective of anyone living in the bay area, having a backyard is a luxury.

From there, it was off to Alaska. The vacation that we had planned to celebrate the end of COVID…. right? Naivate is a beautiful thing.

I’m not sure my brain had fully realized this until writing it out, but I truly love Alaska. It’s a beautiful escape from modernity. I think I would live there even.

Something about Alaska also makes me feel like the American dream is alive and well. Our crazy Airbnb owner moved there on a whim, bought some land, built a bunch of cabins without having any real prior experience, and now runs a business renting out ~5 cabins in an absolutely gorgeous location. Granted, he also almost certainly doesn’t have any permits for these log cabins, and some of them certainly wouldn’t have passed inspection (😂), but I’m okay with that.

So when I say Alaska is special, I feel like that person saying “This *has* to be one of the nicest days of the year” for the 38th time this year. But just trust me, it’s really magical.

When we got back from Alaska, I was looking forward to settling back into a routine. But the world had other plans. We moved into a mansion in Hillsborough (and got paid to live there), got kicked out (don’t think I’ll ever be telling that story on the internet, unfortunately), and I bounced around between at least 5 other places for the rest of the summer including my girlfriend’s parents house (Mike and Kathy - you the best, and I’m sorry I never got the chance to take you out for dinner). All of this while trying to work hard at Assembled out of a WeWork. Not exactly the focused work-life I had been envisioning.

^It was tough taking care of a place this nice…. but someone had to 🤷‍♂️

Eventually, I pulled myself together, got a beautiful NOPA apartment in SF with my friend Hunter (major shoutout). Assembled got an office in the Mission and honestly, life was/is pretty grand. Over the past year, we’ve grown the company from 9 to 27 employees (and yes.. we are *still* hiring 😆).

That said, the transition back to the city has been challenging in so many ways. It’s hard to believe this time last year I was getting ready to move to Truckee. It can be hard to accept how much things have changed (and also not changed) since then.

That takes us up till today.

I ran a 10k trail race in Pacifica last weekend and instantly signed up for my next one on some trails in Berkeley.

I went to one of my favorite concerts ever for the band below. I’m not sure if this counts as irony, but their most recent album is titled “Songs to break up to”. I shared a beautiful meal at Cotogna.

This year has been highs and lows. And while I write this from a bit of a low, I have to believe it will turn concave up (for the calculus nerds 🤓) in the near future.

Thank you to the people that have contributed to the highs, and maybe more importantly the people that were there for the lows over this past year.

Thanks for being here,