Piano, Success Academy, Networking is Overrated

Tangential Tuesday - 12/3

Hi 👋 - Excited to be back this week. I missed last week mostly because a didn’t plan ahead, and partially because my flight back from Kentucky was heavily delayed due to a snow storm in Chicago. I ended up getting back to my apartment in SF on Tuesday around 3 am 💤.

I’m also trying migrating the newsletter to a new platform, substack. Let me know your feedback…so far I’m a fan.

Good News for Young Strivers: Networking Is Overrated.

It’s become almost a cliche to talk about how important “networking” is. Our career center practically shoved it down our throat.

But the idea always gave me a weird feeling. I’ve never formed a useful relationship at a networking event or by intentionally trying to network.

In this article, Adam Grant argues that instead of focusing on something abstract like networking, you should focus on doing interesting things, and putting them out into the world.

My two most popular medium articles, both documenting interesting experiences have allowed me to meet far more interesting people than I otherwise could have. These interesting experiences will in turn allow you to provide real value when you do meet up with strangers from the internet.

To be clear, I’m not arguing to not focus on relationships. I think relationships are super important and probably one of the biggest factors for my own happiness. But let’s stop talking about networking. Meeting random people with no clear goal or common ground isn’t helping anyone.

Startup: Success Academy

I’m absolutely loving this podcast series by gimlet. It tells the story of a controversial charter system in NYC.

I LOVE hearing about new approaches trying to radically rethink education. When I think about the biggest problems that I care the most about solving today - education comes to mind.

I don’t mean to sound negative or ungrateful when I say this: but I really do believe college is broken on a fundamental level. In recent years costs have skyrocketed, and quality, or at least results, seems to have decreased.

I found college extremely frustrating. I watched so many students (including myself) take courses and devote hours to work they ultimately had no genuine interest in. If I feel like college is broken: someone who’s parents supported me heavily financially, as someone who landed a high paying job in tech…..I can’t imagine how so many others feel.

Sorry for the rant on education, this is all to say that people devoting their life to education gets me excited 😃. Enjoy this podcast.


I love SF, but it was great getting away to Kentucky for a bit.

I played a lot of piano, got some drone flights in, and killed time discussing the best way to cook a turkey. We ended up doing one fairly traditionally, and one with wet brine, spatchcock, and then smoked.

I enjoyed playing my grandmother’s beautiful grand piano so much, I ended up purchasing a keyboard for my room off of craigslist this weekend. I’m excited to (hopefully) get back into playing more regularly. Luckily for my roommates, the keyboard came with headphones 😆.

If you have any favorite songs/songs you think I should (try to) learn, feel free to send them my way.

I also played my first tennis match this weekend @ Golden Gate park as part of a tennis club I joined. It felt great just to have an excuse to get outside and also be a little competitive. First W is in the books 😉.

That’s all for this week. Thanks so much for taking a few minutes out of your day 😍