Tangential Tuesday #20

Tahoe, Mushrooms, Success, Fyre Festival, New Naval, Minds Matter, PiHKAL...

Hi - I missed you all last week 😢 but I’m back with lots of updates ❄️🍄🏈. I ended up getting home from Tahoe last monday night at like midnight and the newsletter just didn’t happen.

Eager mushroom hunters led by Alan Rockefeller this past weekend.


How To Be Successful

Sam Altman, president of YCombinator published this absolute gem of an article this week. There’s very few people bold enough to claim they know what it takes to be successful. Of that subset of people, only a few of them actually do know what it takes, and can write about it eloquently.

Sam is in that elite group. I definitely want to come back to this article throughout the year as a reminder of what’s important.

PiKHAL: A Chemical Love Story

The true love story of psychopharmacologist Alexander Shulgin and his wife Ann Shulgin. No idea where this book is going but I’m enjoying it a lot thus far!


Naval Ravikant Periscope w/ Notes

“Fair doesn’t exist in the world. If you’re going to obsess over fair, you’ll never get anywhere in life. You basically just have to do the best you can, with the cards you’re dealt.”

Mark Cuban Full Interview

Hamilton Morris - Joe Rogan


I watched the recently released Fyre festival documentary over the weekend. It’s an absolutely wild story of great people getting pulled into what turned out to essentially be a complete scam.

My favorite part? The founder of Fyre festival actually attended Bucknell for 1 year before dropping out 😂.

Quote I’m Pondering

"Turn fear around. Its other face is excitement."


As previously mentioned I went snowboarding @ Squaw valley over MLK weekend. Tahoe got ~64 inches in the 72 hours before we arrived and then another ~15 inches on Sunday night.

I wish I took some pictures from Monday, but it’s safe to say it was one of the best days of snowboarding I’ve ever had. The energy was amazing and everyone was sending it down some pretty crazy chutes and cliff drops. The only downside was the 7.5 hour drive home due to all the traffic….

This weekend was almost equally eventful.

Minds Matter

I had my first mentor session through the organization Minds Matter (Shoutout to subscriber @maggielou inadvertently making this happen).

Minds Matter is an organization that connects young professions with ambitious high schoolers from low income households.

Already I’m a huge fan of the program. In addition to providing mentorship to the kids, they also provide funding for the summer for the students to pursue an experience of their choice.

I talked to one kid that was going to spend a month doing neuroscience research in a lab at UCSF. Another kid was applying to an Esports internship. Another was thinking of taking an economics class designed for high schoolers at Brown.

They have major chapters throughout the U.S. If you’re interested, take a peek.

More Mushrooms

I finally got the mushroom pictures from my workshop! You can see them all here.

In addition, I got to go on a mushroom foraging walk this weekend lead by Alan Rockefeller.

I feel super lucky to live somewhere with so much biodiversity (we probably found ~40 species) and where experts in the field as willing to spend their day sharing their expertise for free with people like me 😃.

The flurry of busy weekends continues into this coming weekend. I’m flying into Minneapolis for the weekend to explore the city and watch the super bowl with some friends. If you have any recs for Minneapolis or the surrounding area send them my way!

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful week 😘.