Tangential Tuesday #23

China, Climate Change, Opening a Cafe, Not So Lazy & Entitled,

Hey, here are my favorite articles of this week:

🇨🇳[*Favorite Article*] “It is not uncommon to have back-to-back meetings from morning to midnight, with no breaks in between. We often meet and eat at the same time since there is simply no time for lunch/dinner.”

This article is terrifying in some ways, yet also makes me want to go China to see what it is really like. What is it like to work in China?

🌎 I’m not saying that clean electricity or transport are solved. They’re not. But in electricity, we have solar, wind, batteries growing & getting cheaper & on path for 70-80% decarbonization *at least*. Same with electric cars and trucks. We have momentum in those sectors.

This tweetstorm is super insightful into ways we can create legislation that meaningfully impact our progress on climate change. This article offers is another good analysis of the problems with the current green new deal. The weirdest part of the current version is the random stuff that is mostly unrelated to climate change that is getting shoved into the document.

🍵 The internet is full of articles on how to start an online business, yet there is practically nothing on starting a physical business. Why Would I Open a Cafe?

💰The Direct-To-Consumer Craze. The best brands are equally hated as they are loved. The best heuristic for a good ad: you can’t tell who paid who. Amazing podcast, and the host is only 23.

🚀I had dinner with Sar last week. He has an awesome series of profiles on ambitious millennials: Not So Lazy & Entitled After All. Lots of interesting, smart people to learn from 😃.

🔥YCombinator has created an official intern program. This is an awesome opportunity for anyone in college or just leaving highschool to get hands on experience at a company building something that matters. Share if you can think of someone that would benefit!

- Still loving Notion.so. There’s a bit of a learning curve but I’m excited about the future of the tool

- ~20 % through Wealth of Nations.

-“It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest”. Tough read, but lots of gems along the way.

- Started The Truth, a true story of a sex addict / polyamory experimenter. Fascinating story so far.

- The year is going by fast 😮

Thanks for being here!