Tangential Tuesday #38

Splitboarding Shasta, Bitcoin, Stacy, Goldfinch, Life Thoughts

Hey team - we are almost 1/2 way through 2019! Insane. There have definitely been some ups and downs to my year thus far. It’s been a blast writing this newsletter and taking the time to reflect on each week. Thanks for coming along for the ride 😃.

After hiking Mt. Shasta a few weeks ago, we couldn’t get the idea of skiing/boarding it out of our mind. This weekend we got the chance - and made it happen.

This time we hiked the hotlum wintun ridge, which allows ski directly from the summit. At >7k vertical feet it is supposedly the longest ski run in North America.

It’s been a few days of some very early wakeups - thus why this newsletter will be pretty short. I should be even more tired than I am right now, but I think I’m still riding the stoke from the fact that I just went snowboarding in the middle of June.

If you’ve ever wanted to try backcountry skiing on snowboarding, I can’t recommend it enough (Come to SF and I’ll make it happen 😉). There’s something special about pushing your body hard on the way up in return for a few blissful moments of carving on the way down.

💸 Bitcoin

The price of bitcoin has risen past $11,000 over the past few weeks. As the designated person that knows about “tech” in a few friend circles, questions surrounding cryptocurrencies have resurfaced recently. I am not an expert on Bitcoin (nor is this financial advice) but I figured I would share my personal thoughts/philosophy

  • The best people I know that are dedicating their lives to work on this stuff are still extremely skeptical of the entire space (including Bitcoin). The technology still has a ton of problems to deal with.

  • If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, I would stick to Bitcoin and Ethereum. I would highly recommend against investing in anything outside the top ~10 in market cap.

  • This is an extremely risky asset class. Do not invest >10% of your net worth.

  • Take some time to learn about how this stuff actually works! This video is amazing for getting an in depth understanding in less than 30 min.

“There are no get rich quick schemes. That's just someone else getting rich off you.”

- Naval Ravikant

I finished reading Goldfinch last week. It’s one of my favorite fiction reads in recent memory. For me, the book served as a great reminder that life is messy.

There’s a growing trend (at least around me) of young people living a life of asceticism. People maintaining strict paleo diets and abstaining from alcohol.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this. Alcohol is not great for your physical health. But I think it’s important to embrace the craziness and randomness of life. To enjoy yourself a bit and be reckless. Sometimes bad decisions lead us down good paths.

Goldfinch captures this feeling far better than I can explain it. It’s a page turner 📕.

As a fun bonus, if any newsletter subscriber wants to read it and needs a copy, reply to this email with your address and I’ll mail you my copy.

Alright - thanks for reading this week’s very short newsletter. I need sleep 💤.

- Taylor