Tangential Tuesdays #26

Utah, American Apparel, Naval, Politics, Education, Commerce, Disorder, Piglet...

I’m feeling super energized after my week off last week 🌲. Super stoked to get back to work and my daily routine this week. Enjoy this week’s newsletter.

What the hell is going on?

Long, but worthwhile article. It breaks down how the internet has changed the flow of information, which has impacted commerce (brands), education, and politics (media), all in similar ways.

“Many of my smartest young friends skipped college and found other ways to differentiate themselves—for free—in less than two years. They followed a simple three step process: First, they found an obscure topic or an emerging industry where lack of experience wasn’t an issue. Then, they researched it obsessively. Once they built a knowledge base, they advertised their skills and attracted opportunities by sharing knowledge on the internet.”

Read the article here.

Dov Charney’s American Dream

We loved listening to this podcast series from Gimlet on our drives between national parks. It tells the story of Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel. How he was fired as CEO, and has gone on to start Los Angeles Apparel.

He’s an extreme personality. Disturbing at times, angry at others, and yet genius in moments.

“Of course you have me in my underwear in front of high-level employees. Guess what? I design underwear!”

Listen to the podcast here.

Give Society What It Doesn’t Know Hot to Get

Love this short video from Naval

Lots of great takeaways:

  • Money is IOUs from society for useful things you’ve done in the past.

  • Technology is just the set of things that don’t quite work yet

  • You won’t get rich renting out your time

The Piglet 2019

March madness for cookbooks.

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- Had a blast visiting Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef. Hoping to do some more camping in the next few months

- Haven’t done much reading over the past week. I finished The Sun Does Shine (Highly recommend, I cried at the end).

- I started reading Who Is Michael Ovitz? A super entertaining biography about someone I knew nothing about in an industry I know even less about (Hollywood).

- Heading up to Tahoe this weekend for one more day of skiing 😃❄️🏂

This is week 26 of the newsletter! That’s 1/2 a year. Thanks for being here.

❤️ Taylor