Tangential Tuesdays #83
Tangential Tuesdays #84
Montreal, Vivaldi, Stratechery, Habits, Riva Tez
Adulting, Bravery Debates, Family vs. Calling, The Amazon, trash talk, 1 YEAR!
🧀Dinner parties, My best investment of the year, Sun Microsystems, Local services
Italy 🇮🇹
Why you should be optimistic about the future, homework, mushrooms, airpods
Tangential Tuesdays #86
Desire to win, twitter
I’ve committed the deadly sin of newsletter writing… which is to say that I haven’t published a single newsletter over the past few months. There are a…
Bourbon, CRISPR, Personal Brand, $ for babies
So You Want To Be a Chef, NH Skiing, Inequality