Tangential Tuesday #22

The first lady of the Internet, Silicon Valley's disillusioned generation, Shopify, Spotify, Podcasting, Notion, Mushrooms

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👱‍♀️ The first lady of the Internet [Highly Recommended]: I’d never seen or heard of Lena Forsen before this article, but I think it’s safe to say that me, along with everyone reading this article has used the technology she played a part in creating.

🛑 Over the past year or so - sentiment regarding the technology industry has declined heavily. Bad Blood was published, Mark Zuckerberg has been berated by bad press, the list goes on. The next generation is becoming disillusioned with Silicon Valley. A fun fact: This article features a quote from someone I work with @ Thumtack

🎹 Last week, Spotify aquired two major podcasting companies: Gimlet media (which I’ve featured many times on the newsletter!) and Anchor, software that makes it easy for anyone to create a podcast. Read more about Spotify’s Podcast Aggregation Play.

🛒 I loved this interview with Tobi Lütke, the founder of Shopify. They discuss why millenials are the least entrepreneurial generation yet, how the shipping container changed the world, Enneagram types (not sure how I feel about this 😂), and much more.

🍄 Denver got enough signatures to put the legalization of psilocybin mushrooms on the May 2019 Ballot! This is pretty exciting to me. Legalization is not just about allowing people to consume psychadelic mushrooms safely, but also enabling researchers to study them and better understand the long-term effects and potential health or therapeutic uses. Psychadelic mushrooms are currently a schedule I drug which makes it extremely difficult for researchers to get the requisite funding and permits to study them properly.

-I finished Pihkal and started reading Wealth of Nations over the weekend. It’s a dense read - but so far it’s blowing me away.

-I’ve been playing around with Notion recently. So far I’m using it to collect links for this newsletter throughout the week - and as a habit tracker. Curious to see if I will keep using it in the long-term.

-Booked a flight to Las Vegas in mid March for a week long trip to Zion, Bryce Canyon [See picture above], and maybe a few other places. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

-One of my mentors and people I look up to the most recently left Thumbtack [To join Snackpass]. It’s crazy to have someone you care about and work with everyday, suddenly disappear from your everyday life. Luckily - the valley is a small place and I’m hopeful we’ll get to work together at some point in the future 😃.

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Love, Tay