Tangential Tuesdays #28

10 years of professional blogging, Alinea, Truffles, Couscous, Pasta101, College bribery...

Hey - Thanks for checking out this week’s newsletter. Can you believe we’re already 1/4 into 2019? Insane.

Last week, a few people reached out to me to discuss and push back on some of the political articles I featured last week. First, thank you. A huge reason I write this newsletter is to interact with you all, get new ideas, and learn new things.

If you ever read something and think I might enjoy it - send it my way!

Secondly, a lot of articles and opinions that I post on this newsletter are things I’m actively thinking about and haven’t figured out yet. I don’t agree with every article I post, my opinions change, I am often wrong.

That’s it, on with the newsletter 😃

👨‍🍳 Nick Kokonas: Tock, Truffles, and Thaler [Owner of Alinea!]

I loved this conversation with the owner of Alinea one of the highest rated restaurants in the world - located in Chicago.

It’s a wide ranging discussion with someone that I feel like is rarely interviewed. They talk about why OpenTable sucks for restaurants, the perfect water temperature, decision science applied to the food industry and so much more.

Listen to the podcast here.

👩‍🎓The College Admissions Scandal Is About More Than Just Bribery

This is my favorite take on the recent college admissions scandal.

A few takeaways:

  • The bribes only mattered because college has become too easy

  • How many questionable legal ways are their to get into colleges? Legacy, large, donations, athletes.

  • College admission is far too arbitrary. Making SAT scores optional is not helping anyone. College admissions are far from a meritocracy.

Read the article here.

👨‍💻Silicon valley is dead

I think it's fair to say that Silicon Valley is dead. Cheap venture capital, minimal startup cost, access to university researchers, and good inter business communications fueled an engine which turned ideas into products.

You can now find venture capital elsewhere, with the discount rate being what it is. The cost of housing and office space has spiraled out of control, thanks to the environmentalists and Prop 13. The trade secrets and intellectual property mania have pretty much destroyed open cooperation. The universities remain, but aren't the driving force they used to be.

The place has a much different, more ossified feel to it than it did seven years ago.

^ The best part of this quote? it was written in 1993…

🎾Defying Conventional Wisdom With Outdoor Voices CEO Ty Haney

It’s always fun when two seemingly disparate worlds collide. This is one of my favorite chefs (David Chang, founder Momofuku) interviewing the founder of one of my favorite new consumer brands, Outdoor Voices.

David Chang talks a bit too much in this one which kind of pisses me off, but other than that it’s a great podcast.

You can listen here.

🖊️ 10 years of professional blogging

This is a great piece from Andrew Chen on the value of blogging regularly.

One major goal I have for the next 3/4 of this year is to get back into writing regularly. Yes, I have this newsletter… but this is more parts curation than creation.

The long-tail effects of writing are still extremely underrated. My medium stats still look like this after not seriously publishing anything since 2017!

Here’s why you should start blogging.

More to check out.

Write of Passage

Active vs Passive Mindsets

America Needed Good Couscous


- I really enjoyed being home this weekend for the first time in a while - gotta love spring 🌻

- I’m taking a pasta101 class @ the San Francisco cooking school this weekend! Should be a blast and hopefully I’ll get some good pictures as well.

- March habit tracking. Could def not be better, but overall I’m pretty content considering I took a 10 day vacation in Utah!

- I tried Flywheel for the first time last week. First time I’ve tried a workout experience that mixes entertainment and fitness. For the uninitiated: It’s a fancy spin class that costs $32/session. It’s a little ridiculous but I’d recommend trying it at least once if you get the chance, just for the novelty.

Quote from Understanding Media:

He who stands on tiptoe does not stand firm;
He who takes the longest strides does not walk the fastest…
He who boasts of what he will do succeeds in nothing;
He who is proud of his work achieves nothing that endures.

Quote originally from Tao te Ching.

Nature is cool

Have a great week.

- Taylor